Monday, July 21, 2008

Some pictures from the thank you party!

We hope you enjoyed the thank you party! We had a really nice turn out and all enjoyed the delicious food provided by Bryan Young catering. Everyone had a really nice time, and it was great hearing about the bike ride. Our intern, Autumn, put together two slide shows: a goodbye one for Adele and Saskia and a bike ride one highlighting Becky's journey. Here are some photos from the event!


Thanks to C.J. for taking pictures!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The blog is in transition

Hi Everyone! We just wanted to let you know that the ride blog is transitioning to a general MORCRC office blog. All of the wonderful pictures and information from the Wanderlust ride will be maintained, but from now on the posts will be about all sorts of awesome pro-faith pro-choice activities.

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big Apple here we come..!

Above: Catching a train in NJ to get to Penn Station.

<--On the train into New York and finally after 5 weeks of bike riding across the country...(drumroll please!)....New York City -->

As you can see from the above sequence of pictures, the wanderlusters made it to New York! They arrived via train yesterday and were treated to a rooftop BBQ in Brooklyn by the PEP staff members. When we spoke to Becky last night she was enjoying the food and watching as fireworks went off in New York. Today she is busy enjoying a special treat set-up by her staff and friends back in STL and taking her bike to a repair shop. She leaves NY tomorrow afternoon and will be back to work next week. We can't wait for her to return!!!

Almost to NEW YORK

Becky left us a nice long audio recording about the ride the last few days. The Wanderlusters finished up a few days in Philadelphia and are currently riding through New Jersey. They will be entering New York sometime today or tomorrow and the ride will be over! The total mileage count will probably be close to 1200!

Here is a picture of a monument near the Delaware river that marks the spot where Washington tried to cross. Becky's recording talks about some of the recent meetings and the last bit of the trip. Enjoy!

Gabcast! 2000 Miles for Justice! #17 - Crossing the Del River