Sunday, March 29, 2009


Faith Aloud has been busy! We went with PROMO to the Missouri LGBTQ Lobby Day to work to pass MONA, the Missouri Non-discrimination act which would prevent job and housing discrimination based on sexual identity and gender identity. We also worked to pass the safe schools act which would help keep lgbtq students save in Missouri schools.

Faith Aloud also had a great time at the 13th annual Webster University Drag Ball. It was a great event and many thanks go out to the atendees, performers and the folks at Webster University who made the event a total success.

Also Faith Aloud has been planning a lot of upcoming events!

On April 16th Faith Aloud in conjunction with Naral Pro-choice Missouri will host "WHOSE CONSCIENCE?" at Eden Seminary at 7pm Rev. Rebecca Turner, executive director of Faith Aloud and Pamela Sumners, executive director of Naral Pro-choice Missouri will talk about both the legal and moral perspective of pharmacy-refusal.

Additionally the Fabulous Faith Aloud Awards will take place on April 26th from 6-9pm in St. Louis, Mo. Details are available at and on facebook. Tickets are $60 (student pricing is available) and we still have plenty of spots left. Call the office to order! 314-531-5010

Also Faith Aloud is heading to Jefferson City, Mo to Lobby for Reproductive Justice on April 28th! Details at

As a last p.s. check out this article that just goes to show you we have a long way to go before we archive justice for all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Faith Aloud is proud to announce the production of clinic counseling videos and counseling cards. The DVD is designed especially for clinics and includes faith based counseling for women from a Christian and Jewish perspective. The Christian perspective is even bilingual! These DVD's are for clinics so if you work for one and would like to order DVD's and counseling cards please contact Rev. Rebecca Turner at Otherwise keep a lookout for other totally fabulous things coming soon from Faith Aloud.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ten things for Faithful teens to do before sex PART II

The second part of our sex education Vlog made by the Teen of MY FAITH ALOUD. Check it out below or go to the following you tube website:

My Faith Aloud is always looking for vlog ideas and you can suggest them through email at or via the facebook group. Happy Watching!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One small step in taking religion out of goveremnt

Yesterday President Barack Obama took a step towards taking the morality of former President Bush out of government and out of science. President Obama lifted the federal funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. This means that for the first time since former President Bush imposed the ban in 2001 scientist in the United States can receive federal funds for doing stem cell research. Scientists in the United States now are free to CHOOSE to study and get federal funding for stem cell research. What a novel idea? A government that allows people to choose? Those who are opposed to stem cell research do not have to do it--they too have a choice, but those who wish to pursuit this type of research are free to do so as well. Hopefully President Obama extends this right to chose to the women of America as well.