Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stealing our rights

Recently I had a rather traumatizing experience. My car was stolen while I was helping a friend do some filming. I walked out the door of her house and couldn't find my car. At first I thought I must have parked it further down the street than I remembered but, alas, it was gone. But this is a blog about reproductive justice, not my personal life, so I will move on to my point. Everyday in America we leave our right to justice sitting outside, on the street next to the rights or freedoms of everyone else. We always expect it to be there when we wake up in the morning or when we come back from all our various endeavors. But someday it might not be. Even with a president-elect who supports women's right to chose and civil unions for lgbtq folk, we must always be vigilant. If we don't pay attention, our rights could slip away in the middle of the night and we won't know until it is too late. So wake up, pay attention, do something!