Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Update....

As many of you know we, here in America, have a new president elect...Barack Obama! But what you may not know is that another kind of Choice rocked the vote on tues. NOT ONE ABORTION BAN PASSED!!!!! Colorado amendment 48 which would have defined life as beginning at conception which would have essentially outlawed abortion DID NOT PASS, nor did South Dakota's Initiative 11 which would have banned abortions. Also Michigan passed proposition 2 which allows stem cell research. California's proposition 4 to require parental notification for abortions has yet to be called since there are still absentee ballots to be counted. While we celebrate these wins for reproductive justice we still have some loses to deal with. Florida and Arizona passed bans on gay marriage and Arkansas pass a very anti-choice measure with Initiative 1 which bans ANY non-married couple from adopting! Once again California's Proposition 8 which would ban gay marriage is still too close to call.
Overall, great job on getting out there and voting, but we still have a lot of work today.