Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweetening the Pot

My mama always told me that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. This was her kind way of reminding me that positive words and actions get better results in the end. Whether with my sisters or angry mobs, I have found this advice to hold true. In this spirit of honey, Faith Aloud would like to ask you to sweeten your generous financial donations with words of hope and inspiration. Your sweet sentences, wise words, and passionate prose will help us “catch” the attention of the masses.

Please write your “bits of honey” on a note and enclose it with your donation envelope. Or, e-mail them to outreach@faithaloud.org. Not sure what to write? Try writing a sentence about how access to safe and legal abortion has had a positive effect on your life, or tell us a story about how Faith Aloud's work has helped you and your family. Write a prayer, a poem, or simply tell us why you are donating. Let's forget the negative language, the battle cries, and the war analogies and instead let's focus on the ways faithful choices makes the world a better and more just place for everyone to live.

Just think: while an amazing donor is doubling the impact of each dollar you send to Faith Aloud, we will also be adding your “bits of honey” to the pots of gold. We will use your words to spread the moral and ethical voice of reproductive justice to all the busy bees of the world.

This summer, let's get loud and still whisper sweetly. Let's shout with our dollars and sweeten the pot with our letters. Send your donations and words in today and together let's change the sound of reproductive justice.

By Autumn Elizabeth, former Faith Aloud employee