Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eastern Seaboard!

The wanderlusters have passed the 1000 mile mark as of today! We spoke with Becky this morning, and they are in Virginia and working their way through some really hilly areas. They will be in DC tomorrow, and the national office (RCRC) will be hosting a reception and meeting! Here are some of Becky's thoughts today:

"The area is very beautiful but hilly. There is something about Virginia, that even though we're on back roads, it feels very historic. The road signs, old homes, and historic sites all contribute to the feel of early America. We even crossed the *James River this morning! The river is very wide, but very shallow. It's as wide as the Mississippi, but you can see the bottom. It made me want to kayak really badly! Overall, the hills are making my knees hurt a little but I've found them a lot easier to take than just a few weeks ago. The scenery is so gorgeous that I also don't mind taking my time, even if it means being one of the slower riders. The roads have been shaded by tall trees, and it has also been a lot cooler recently, or at least feels that way. Over the past few weeks I have noticed that everything is relative! All of the riders standards have changed so much during the ride; now we're excited when a campsite has more than one shower, and if there are laundry machines when we stop! At the beginning of the trip I would have considered a 50 mile ride really hard, but now 50 is an easy day, 65 is average an average day, and a hard ride is 85+ miles. It's funny how our perceptions change!"

That's all for today! But check back for more information about the DC meeting, and listen so some of Becky's thoughts below:

Gabcast! 2000 Miles for Justice! #14 - Hilly areas galore

*For those of you who recognize the name but can't place it, the James River was used by the early colonists. Pocahontas, her father Powhatan and the Johns (Rolfe & Smith) all lived in or around the James River and the settlement known as Jamestown.