Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

Here are a few thoughts from faith aloud about the intersections of Environmental Justice and Reproductive Justice in honor of earth day! ENJOY!

Reproductive justice is not just about abortion, birth control, or family planning. Protecting our planet is an important factor when discussing reproductive and general health. We must be cognizant of our impact upon the planet and fellow human beings, and work to keep our oceans clean, soil fertile, people healthy and our planet safe.

Where does Faith Aloud stand on
Reproductive Justice & the Environment?

We DO NOT support abortion or family planning as a form of population control

We DO support the ability of individuals and families to make environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible reproductive health decisions.

We Do support responsible parenting that recognizes how badly we have damaged the planet and the health risks that presents.

We Do support the consideration of environmental health when deciding if and how to bring children into the world.

And here is how different faiths view the intersection of reproductive justice and environmental justice:

Jewish traditions highlight a relationship between the environment and responsible family planning:
“Human beings are supposed to exercise their power.. and free will to be wise stewards of Creation. They should help to maintain the Order of Creation even while they are allowed to use it for their own benefit within certain limits established by God (Genesis 2:14).” **

Here's what some Christian theologians say:
“Christ demonstrates what it means to be created in the image of God: he does not grasp his equality, but lets it go to become the servant of all. We need to see that the real image.. revealed in Christ, is to be a humble servant. We need to become servants of creation and thus reveal in ourselves the true likeness of God.” (Colossians 1.15 and Philippians 2.6
7.) ***

And religions such as Buddhism also teach:
“ planning when people feel it would be a burden on themselves or their environment to have more [kids].” ****

Now tell us your thoughts on the intersection of Reproductive justice and the environment! What have you heard your faith say? What spiritual practices do you use to honor the earth and your own body? Let us know by commenting here or emailing

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