Monday, June 2, 2008

Voting rights museum, AL

Voting rights museum

National Voting Rights Museum & Institute

Near the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the Museum and Institute offers America and the world the opportunity to learn the lessons from the past. Housed in this museum are exhibits that remind everyone of the struggle to secure the rights for all Americans to vote, regardless of race, education or wealth.

Selma, AL

Hello from Selma, AL!
Becky says:

"Today the Wanderlust riders have gone 39 miles. Tonight we are staying at the United Methodist Children's Home. The group has their own cabin, real beds, and the staff is making dinner for everyone! What a nice change from camping on the hard ground!

Here are some pictures of today's ride through Selma. We stopped at the Civil and Voting Rights Memorial. It's a beautiful park under the bridge where marchers were turned away with hoses while trying to see Gov. Wallace. Throughout the day, we went through white towns and black towns, however, everyone was so nice and people along the way stopped to talk, encourage, and offer help! It's beautiful and hard and exhausting! We went up two big hills and had then had a wonderful breeze going down.

Tonight we are going to clean up and try and visit the Civil Rights Museum here in Selma.
It's pretty amazing to see the country this way. You don't miss much on a bike."

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