Friday, June 27, 2008

Map mishaps

Send some love to Becky! She biked even though she didn't feel well (48 miles).. and it was especially trying due to some direction issues.

Apparently the maps didn't match the actual routes a lot of the time, and the group had to keep stopping to re-design their trip. Sometimes they had to backtrack a bit, and the group had to really stick together. When they finally asked for some directions they ended up at a convenience store surrounded by police cops. At one of the block they saw all of the cars, and they found out that they had someone hiding in a building. At the opposite end of the block, there were more cars preventing people from entering a grocery store. People were unsure if the suspect was in the first building or in the grocery store, so they blocked off both! After they left the stand-off area, they got back onto a 2 lane road that was very curvy. At some point on the small road hey were going really fast down a big hill when they saw a big curve at the bottom. Shelby missed the curve and fell over in some gravel. Becky was right behind her and helped bandage up her scrapes-both legs and elbows :(

After a few more map mishaps the wanderlusters finally ended up within site of Baltimore, and of course it started to rain. Since they had a meeting tonight they had to keep riding. Luckily, one of the riders is from Baltimore and was able to give directions..but not before everyone got caught in a downpour with lightning and thunder. They rode through the city and crossed several large interstate ramps in the storm, all the while attracting quite a lot of attention from people in their cars and hiding under awnings. Someone yelled "look at the hardcore bikers" and then everyone in downtown Baltimore began applauding as the Wanderlusters tried to get out of the rain!

When they finally arrived at their spot for the evening, the van was already there and everyone was able to get out of the rain and get a little cleaner before their meeting!

ps. thanks to the Marylanders for their random acts of kindness. A man saw the riders sitting by the side of the road fixing a flat tire and gave them all a water bottle! They also met a man who commutes 11 miles on his bike to work each day and was really excited to see so many bikers in one place!

Washington DC

Planes arriving at the nat'l airport (above)

For those of you wondering about the van problem's all better now! Becky was in the van when it broke down and then rode in the rental van before getting back on her bike for the 26 miles leading from Mt. Vernon into DC. Some of the Wanderlusters were initially concerned about riding right through DC, but apparently traffic is so slow that it was an easy ride! The picture on the right --> is the view of DC from the Mt. Vernon trail. The trail runs from Mt. Vernon (George Washington's home and grounds) all the way into the city.

Here is Becky talking about the DC meetings which included a trip to Advocates for Youth (picture at left), an abortion clinic in DC and the RCRC reception! Becky said that Carlton said some really nice things about her and the group. Thanks national RCRC! Also, thanks especially to Francis Kissling (Catholics for Choice, retired) and Lisa Kohn for attending the RCRC reception!

Gabcast! 2000 Miles for Justice! #16 - Washington DC